Key Features


Key Features of JRM Thermometers

All JRM Thermometers are guaranteed to comply with the following specifications:

  • Glass Stems & Bulbs:

    All the Thermometers are made from the highest quality of Glass Capillary that is free from stone, strise and irregular bores.

    Permanent Accuracy:

    All the Thermometers are skillfully annealed & artificially aged before graduation to ensure permanent accuracy.

    Safety Chamber:

    All the Thermometers are provided with safety chambers for precaution against breakage in the case of over heating and to facilitate rejoining of mercury column in case of separation in transit or in use.


    All the Thermometers are either filled with Triple Distilled Mercury, Red/Blue Coloured Thermometric Liquid or the new Bio-Degradable & Non-Toxic Liquid.

    Pressure Filling:

    The Thermometers are pressurised with Nitrogen gas above the column wherever necessary.


    Thin clearly cut and deeply etched graduations and distinctive figures accurately placed are done by the most up to date Calibrating and Graduating Machines.


    All the Thermometers are calibrated against Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometer having least count of 0.001C and various other High Precision Thermometers. These standard thermometers are periodically tested and calibrated by National Physical Laboratory, New- Delhi. Calibration is carried out in special baths, which are scientifically designed, electrically heated & thermostatically controlled.


    All the Thermometers are guaranteed to be accurate within the tolerances required when they leave our works & when tested under correct conditions.